3 Must-See Art Museums in San Francisco


Did you know that there are a number of specialty museums situated close to our community? An educational day out for the family can be enjoyed at numerous institutions, allowing residents and tourists to enjoy the many things to see in San Francisco. If you're fascinated by art and want to get up-close to unique masterpieces, sculptures and exhibits, … [Read more...]

The Fillmore Center’s Dog Park is Perferct for Playtime


Playtime for dogs will stimulate all of their senses and could greatly relieve stress! In addition to this, frolicking on the grounds around our Bay Area apartments will encourage your pet to socialize and will help him or her stay in shape. An outlet for expending built-up energy, our community dog park is the ideal spot to let Fido have 15 minutes … [Read more...]

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays


Break away from the norm with these creative gift wrapping ideas for the holidays. Bow Tie Pasta – Tie on a bow made from pasta and cinched with simple string. Outside the Box – Think outside the box and wrap gifts with any type of creative paper like comics, newspapers, old maps and any other kind. Keep it Simple – If you are pressed for … [Read more...]

5 Helpful Winter Energy Savings Tips for Apartment Residents

The Fillmore Energy

Each year the U.S. Energy Department calculates an annual cost of predicted energy bills during winter. This year, the cost of heating with natural gas will rise, whereas electricity costs will lower. When you take the right approach, you can remain comfortable on those chilly evenings without overspending. Want to spend less on energy costs while … [Read more...]

Bring the Family for a Night of Laughs with Frisco Fred’s Comedy Hour

Source: Shelton Theater via Facebook

Entertainment can be enjoyed in abundance when you lease our San Francisco apartments, because the city is home to various comedy venues. Comedy On The Square presents audiences with a wide range of events year-round. If you're free on the Second Sunday of the month, be sure to attend Frisco Fred's Comedy Hour. Shelton Theater is the destination for … [Read more...]