Keep these spring energy effiency tips in mind

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Are you tired of your utility bills skyrocketing and are looking for ways to save money by saving energy? With these apartment energy savings tips, brought to you by Energy.Gov, you can have a more affordable spring season. Take Advantage of Your Windows -- Turn off your cooling system at night and open your windows, and shut the windows and blinds to … [Read more...]

Fans of Disney should visit the Walt Disney Family Museum

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The magic behind the man who created Mickey Mouse lives on at The Walt Disney Family Museum. Situated in a historic building on the main post of San Francisco's Presidio, this special place offers an interactive experience for visitors with animation, interactive galleries, colorful displays and exciting programming year-round. The Walt Disney Family … [Read more...]

Helpful chef tips on hosting a party

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No matter how many times you invite friends over, there are always a few tips to add some pizzazz to your next brunch, lunch, party or get-together. Here are some amazing party hosting tips from chefs in the know next time you're thinking of hosting an event at home. Use candles. No matter the season, burn candles in different colors and sizes, … [Read more...]

What you need to know about the SF Cable Cars

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Locals will tell you that the San Francisco Cable Cars is one of the fun things about living in San Francisco. Here's what you need to know about riding on one of America's national historic landmarks. The cable car experience is quite similar to the day they went into operation in 1873.You have three lines to choose from: the Powell-Hyde, … [Read more...]

Guide for Apartment Dwellers with Pets

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There are pet friendly apartments in Japantown San Francisco but are you and your pet as happy living there as you could be? Here are some life hacks for you, and your pet in your apartment. Hair cleanup To get hair off the furniture, put on some damp rubber gloves and run them along furniture. For carpet hair, use a squeegee. Litter box To … [Read more...]